Vinyl Windows

Our complete selection of window styles include low emissivity glass that reduces heat flow, argon gas that improves insulation values and warm edge spacer that helps reduce condensation.


Hinged on the side and swings out like a door. The Most energy efficient and popular choice. Opens up to 90 degrees and comes equipped with a crank handle.


Hinged along the top and swings outward. Provides resistance to wind and rain. Popular for small spaces. Equipped with a crank handle.


Stationary non operational viewing window. Features a high profile frame to match casements or awnings. Popular in contemporary architecture.

Single Hung Tilt

Features one movable sliding bottom sash only.

Double Hung Tilt

Has two vertical sliding sashes. Integral tilt latches make the window easy to tilt for cleaning. Best suited for traditional architectural styles.


Stationary non operational viewing window. Features a low profile frame to maximize glass surface and provide an unobstructed view.

Single Slider Tilt or Lift Out

Features one horizontal sliding sash.

Double Slider Tilt or Lift Out

Features two horizontally sliding sashes. Our slider windows are the ideal solution for openings that are greater in width than height. Slider tilt windows are easy to clean.


Can be customized to almost any size or shape. Combine these with other windows to make a statement.


Angled series of three windows that increase your inside space. Consists Of a combination of normally three windows with angled sides. Can include operating and fixed windows.


Traditionally consists of a combination of five windows with gentle angles creating a look of a curved wall giving more space to the room.

Great benefits and peace of mind with Climate's Vinyl Windows

Signature Series
Best value
Platinum Series
Push-Down spring loaded
View & Vent - Retractable
Double glazed with Lowe 180 and argon
Triple glazed with Lowe 180 and argon
Triple glazed with Double Lowe 180 and argon
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Super Spacer
Internal Grills
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Obscure/Specialty Glass
Nested Fold-Down Handle
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Multi-Point Locking System
Vinyl Cladded Interior Extension
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Primed F/J Pine Interior Extension
Exterior Brickmould
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Exterior Sloped Sill
Exterior Rebate Flange
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Exterior BM with J-channel
25 Standard Exterior Colours
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Custom Exterior Colours
Custom Sizes
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Custom Architectural Shapes
ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2019
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Limited Lifetime Products and Labour Warranty

Energy Efficient Performance

Multiple features and components determine the quality and energy efficiency of a window.

• Double or triple glazed sealed units
• Low-E coated glass
• Argon gas filled units
• Superior warm edge spacer

• Increasing the number of layers of glass will improve the energy efficiency of your windows when all other features stay the same
• Air trapped between the layers of glass better insulates for energy cost savings

Glass Options

Low Emissivity (Low-E) coating:
Allows sunlight to pass Allows sunlight to pass through and help prevent heat transfer which accounts for up to 50% of the heating and cooling energy consumed in your home.

Argon gas:
Has a higher insulating value and increased sound proofing.

Super Spacer:
Increases energy efficiency and can last 20 times longer..

Double Glazed Windows

Includes two layers of glass separated by a warm edge spacer.

Triple Glazed Windows

Includes three layers of glass separated with two warm edge spacers. Features higher insulation values than similar double glazed windows. Best for places where extreme weather and temperatures are the norm. Best choice for reducing noise and keeping outdoor sounds to a minimum. Due to the extra layer of glass, these windows are heavier and may not be available for large openings.

Energy Star

ENERGY STAR certified windows can help you save money by reducing your energy costs up to 12 percent.

Use your furnace / air conditioner less so they can last longer and save on your heating and cooling bills. Reduces condensation in cold winters. Maintains consistent temperatures in your home.

Our windows provide you with superior indoor comfort by minimizing heat loss in the winter and minimizing heat gain in the summer.

Interior Jamb Extensions

Jamb Extensions (the edge or window sill) used with full-frame installations are custom manufactured and attached to the windows prior to installation.

Primed Pine

Vinyl Clad

Interior Casing Trim

Provides a decorative finish to your newly installed window or door system. We offer Colonial and Flat casing in various sizes as standard options. Custom designs and sizes are also available.

Colonial Casing

Flat Casing

Exterior Finishes

Brickmould is made from vinyl and is attached to the exterior of the window prior to installation. It provides the finishing touch to your home by framing the outside of your window.

Standard Brickmould is maintenance free and is available in the following sizes:
• 7/8", 1 ½", 1 ½"with Slope Sill, 2" & 2" with Slope Sill (only available in QC, ON, & MB)
• ½" brickmould with J-channel, 2", 2" with Slope Sill, Renovation Brickmould, Renovation Brickmould With Slope Sill, Rebate Flange & Nailing Fin (only available in SK, AB & BC)

J-channel Brickmould is used when you have siding and is available in 1 ½".

Capping is used for windows without brickmould to cover the insulation.

Installation Options

Selecting your installation options makes a difference. Your choice can impact the energy efficiency and viewing area of your windows. Full-frame or Retrofit/Insert frame will be suggested by your consultant based on your homes unique design and existing interior trimfactors.

Retrofit or Insert Installation begins with the removal of the old window, while keeping the original brickmould, jamb and trim intact. The new window is inserted into the opening and the surrounding area is insulated. Quarter round is added to the interior trim and exterior trim is installed. This type of installation is recommended for those wishing to maintain the home's original interior trim.

Full Frame Installation is a complete window replacement and begins with the removal of the entire window, including the original brickmould, jamb and trim. This ensures there is no hidden moisture or damage left in the structure. The new window along with the exterior brickmould and jambs are manufactured together and installed into the window opening. The window is insulated with foam and a new interior trim is added. This type of installation results in superior weather tightness and often a greater glass viewing area. This option also ultimately ensures a longer life for your new windows.

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