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Platinum Windows

Furnish your home with Platinum® windows, a great top-of-the-line choice in the Canadian market. Platinum® windows are exclusive to Costco and provide exceptional durability, innovative design and industry leading warranty coverage.

Feature an innovative, patented retractable screen that helps:

  • Make cleaning easier and more comfortable
  • Provide viewing flexibility
  • Prevent dirt build up
  • Eliminate the need for screen storage and space

Made with a durable triple weatherstrip that helps:

  • Provide a protective seal from the outdoor elements
  • Maintain consistent ventilation and temperatures within the home
  • Save energy costs by reducing heating/cooling loss

Fusion welded frames and windows protect your home from weather elements.

All Platinum® casement windows feature:

  • Multi-point Lock at the base of the window to enhance security, facilitate opening and improve cleaning – one lever locks or unlocks the entire window
  • Ergonomic dual arm crank which provides added strength
  • Full 90° window opening potential which facilitates easy cleaning from inside the home, plus full ventilation

BEST Warranties for all Platinum® windows

Platinum® windows have a Lifetime Limited Warranty with a 5 year labour warranty included to provide you with complete peace of mind.

For additional information on Platinum® windows Download Brochure Here


Retractable Screen

Retracable Screen

Ergonomic Crank

Ergonomic Crank

Multi-point Lock

Multi-point Lock

Energy Star

Energy Star

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